If there was ever a game where size matters, it would be basketball right? Taller teams almost always have a built-in advantage.

For the Cony girls team this year, however, tall was not the buzz they created. It had to be tempting for other teams to ignore them as they walked in the gym, but there was one factor that they ignored at their own peril.

Yes, they were short, but nobody played harder, was in opponents’ faces more, or hung in longer. Nobody quit on a play, in a game, or on each other all season.

From squeaking into contention, to roaring past “better teams” in the playoffs, these Cony girls played big all year. Yes, size was definitely a factor, but for this team it was measured by their heart, not their stature.

It was obvious as the season progressed that they had made up their minds to be remembered in a different way. Never was this more apparent than in their first playoff victory, as they dismantled the No. 1 team in the Eastern Conference, as the ninth seed. They were five-foot nothing and they played like they owned the place.

Two games later and down 15 at half-time to a giant-laden Bangor team, I noticed them smiling as they huddled together before taking the floor. I don’t know what they were smiling about, but when players leave it all out on the floor, they get to enjoy the moment.

Sure, every one of them knows disappointment. They all tasted defeat. They were taken for granted and counted out. But the fact that they played to within one game of the State Championship, tells fans all they need to know. Small maybe, but in the end no team played taller.

Brian Heath


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