I hear reports about the governor wanting to fast-track the oil lines from Canada through Maine. He’s the only one talking about benefits for Maine.

Then he goes to Washington, D.C., for a conference of the governors and a meeting with the president, which he felt no need to attend. Instead, he elected to meet with group from Canada to discuss the East-West Highway so Maine can cash in on the Canadians’ economic growth.

I am a little confused how a high-speed highway across Maine to Canada will benefit Maine. Unless we have rest areas along the highway, since they won’thave to get off it to spend any real money in Maine.

My point in this rambling is when I hear anything being fast-tracked I hold onto my wallet and anything else I value. And do I see in the media asking why this is being done? No. This is why the trust the media have had in the past is gone and they are now considered part of the political establishment.

Gerald M. Day


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