I had the good fortune of being born into a family and community that has instilled in me a sense of pride and passion for my roots.

Our community shares this pride, which fills the gym during winning and losing basketball seasons alike. This pride should lead us to want more for our students and to give more to our teachers. We should all be proud of what we have.

The people and institutions I grew up with in RSU 19 have made me who I am and because of this I try to give back. I benefited from participation in our music program, played athletics for coaches who taught me the value of cooperative effort and learned from teachers who did all they could to assure I would be successful in my university studies.

I have worked alongside other members of our community to raise funds for our athletic and academic programs to try to preserve some of what is being lost. It was through these programs that values taught by my parents, teachers and community were reaffirmed and it is because of this that I am involved.

I have worked to convince people to vote “yes” on March 8 so that more programs don’t suffer. Our school district needs the loan to pay off bills and avoid a shutdown. We need to support our students and our teachers now more than ever. Our educators care, as should be proven by having a recent teacher and vice principal of the year.

I understand that these are tough economic times and voting “yes” is a sacrifice, but this is a sacrifice for our youth that we need to make. Show that you care about our giving our students what they need, vote “yes.”


Adam Littlefield


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