I would like to address the letter ( “Not too late for VA to reach out to Vietnam vets,” Feb. 23) from George Moody.

I too am saddened when thinking about our Vietnam-era veterans. I am equally saddened when thinking about the sacrifices of all of our veterans.

Before President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, he established the first in the nation veterans hospital at Togus, where America began to fulfill its duties to our men and women who, as Lincoln put it, “bore the battle.”

Since 1865, the Togus veterans hospital has been at the forefront of the health and reintegration of our veterans.

It has been my experience that the Togus hospital is afforded great latitude when addressing a policy that shows less-than-premium results.

The VA is supported by many public charities and veterans services organizations: Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Maine Veterans Services, Elks, Eagles and, most importantly, Paralyzed Veterans of America Then there are many outfits like mine, Camp Stand Down.

The people of Maine can hold their heads high about the Togus facility. The staff is the best of the best, and when a bad egg comes along, his tour here is short.

Mainers can be proud of our former senators, William Hathaway and Olympia Snowe.

It’s true that Vietnam vets got a bum deal, but it’s also true that their fight is not with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA system is manageable if you know where it is that you want to go, and that’s where I and most any veterans service organization can help.

Veterans can call me and we will chat about their service. I will lay out a road map from start to finish. I will always be there for them.

William E. Rocque, chairman

Camp Stand Down


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