I attended a meeting recently at the Benton Elementary School.

People should not be fooled by a paycheck tax decrease, because if they own property their property taxes are going to jump drastically.

Once again the sleight of hand: Give with one hand, take double with the other.

People who think the Republican party works for them should take a look at history and see what it has really done.

If people think child protection laws are all good should look at the kids today. My days behind the woodshed raised me to be honorable. Taking away the parents rights in the late 1980s and early 1990s was the worse thing our government did in that era.

Our schools will be hurt by our higher taxes. We have some of the dumbest kids society has produced. In my opinion, cutting public education and funding a charter school is segregation.


When did it stop being an American right for every student to have the opportunity to receive the chance for a good education?

What our government is doing in Augusta is just wrong. One of my relatives, Lt. Col. Neil Frank Leblanc, would have said it’s un-American.

I hear so much about cut this, cut that, but nothing about job creation or alternative ways to create revenue.

The people in Augusta should think outside the box. That’s what a true manager would do.

Cecil M. Bryar Sr.


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