I am really sick of people who fear guns, belittling law-abiding gun owners and concealed-carry permit holders.

They need to get an education and study the facts. Those who have qualified for said permits are, in fact, citizens in good standing, who have no criminal record.

In fact, as a group, concealed-carry permitees are the most law-abiding group of folks in the entire nation. They are not to be feared in any way, but the uninformed continue to believe otherwise.

Maine is also one of the two safest states in the entire nation in which to live, with almost no gun violence, yet we supposedly have the second-highest percentage of gun owners in the nation.

So don’t tell me that the guns are the problem. The seven safest states in which to live, of which Maine is one, all have accessible concealed-carry rights for their citizenry.

People who don’t like guns, shouldn’t buy one, but they shouldn’t dare even thinking about messing with our rights to do so.

James Andrews


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