Watching the recent “George Stephanopoulis” show, I listened to their discussion about “voter rights’ acts.”

Tom Brokaw said voting should take place on a weekend so that more people could participate in the process, giving them a say and a deeper stake in the outcome of any election.

I have an idea that might get more people to vote. Why not get rid of Columbus Day and turn it into voting day?

(Don’t hate me for losing a three-day weekend. I remember how much I looked forward to that break.)

We know that Columbus never actually made it to what would be the United States, in all his trips to the North America. He named the natives “Indians” because he thought he had made it to India. His motives were only for personal gain. He and his men were ruthless to the people and left the people they encountered far worse than before they had come to this “new world.”

Columbus, and those explorers that followed, were not aware that the continent was already well established by the different Native Americans that lived throughout.

Now, we make the first Tuesday in November a national holiday to celebrate the “discoverers” and the inclusion of many cultures and people in our melting pot, called America. We join together in voting, where every person’s vote is equal.

This way, people would be less likely to use the day as a long weekend and the day would be more centered on the vote.

We could call it National Unity Day (where every vote counts).

Robert L. Nazlian


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