AUGUSTA — University of Maine at Augusta has announced its fall 2012 semester dean’s list for full-time students.

Area students include: Conall O’Brien, Paula Stillings, and Patricia Swain, all of Alna; Venita Barley, Alyssa Betts, Jennifer Brown, Travis Brown, David Burden, Brian Burns, Arielle Cousens, Cali Davis, Charlie Eames, Christina Epley, Katelynn Gayne, Megan Godfrey, Holly Hamilton, Amanda Harris, Brittany Hubert, Stephen Kramer, Delphine L’Hour, Garrett Leavitt, Charlene LeRuyet, Mark Ludzack, Allyssa Marson, Tammy Massicotte, Doreen Morgan, Julie Nadeau, Christina Owen, Logan Parker, Jesse Patkus, Tristan Power, Chelsea Roberts, Lisa Schwab, Rebecca Singer, Eric Smith, Jennifer Smith, Gordon Spinney, Dana Storer, Kristel Thyrring, Diane Vinal, Jennifer Voter, David Weiss, Jared Wilkinson, Lesley Woodard, and Christina Zabierek, all of Augusta; Courtney Alley, Jeremy Damren, Joseph French, Patrick Hunt, Sarah Johnson, Teisha Lohan, and Jacob Roddy, all of Belgrade; Ernest Marcus of Belgrade Lakes; Thomas Pappas of Bowdoin; Jovia Ambrose, Elizabeth Anderson, Desiree Gero, and Brooke Thibodeau, all of Chelsea; Angela Musto of Dresden; Stephanie Grant, Jonathon Markham, Ashley Preshong, and Alison St.Pierre, all of Farmingdale; Dana-Joy Colosimo of Fayette; Angela Farley, Kenneth Hanscom, Jennifer Jandreau, Autumn Mazeroll, Emma Mueller, John Nesbit, Frank Tutwiler, Christina Williams, Jennie Williams, and Andree Wright, all of Gardiner; Rebecca Cromwell, Holly Goggin, Lucas Mosher, Hayley Rogers, and Roxanne Zwaga, all of Hallowell; Shani Watmough, Andrea James, Jaclyn Merrill, and Matthew White, all of Jefferson; Amy LaBossiere and Randi Meagher, both of Litchfield; Alyra Donisvitch, Aimee Moulton, Andrew Oliver, Shannon Russell, and Ashley Welch, all of Manchester; Timothy Crawford, Jennie Gendreau, Darren Hicks, Stephanie Knaus-Tucker, and Caitlin Robichau, all of Monmouth; Nicole Cyr, Peter Herman, and Kelsey Gray, all of Mount Vernon; Dawn Fowler of Palermo; Alyssa Stanley, Brandon Thompson, Jasmin Trott, and Jennifer Webb, all of Pittston; Kristyn Beland and Rhiannon Ludder, both of Randolph; Jackson Smith of Readfield; Laurie Carver, Donovan Chapman, Jennifer Chapman, Alisha Langley, Emily Marlowe, Kimberly Merrill, Janna Prout, and Tonya Thurlow, all of Richmond; Amanda Couture of Rome; Cathryne Lauria, Karl Schadlich, and Robert Wilcox, all of Sabattus; Hannah Thompson of Sidney; Briana Jones of Somerville; Andrew Breault, Jeanne Hanson, and Catherine Morse, all of South China; Kimberly Snow of Union; Bailie Nason of Unity; Danielle Morin and Kristofer Targett, both of Vassalboro; Kaija Fellman of Vienna; Roy Sawyer of Waldoboro; Amanda Burgess of Wayne; Marc Collins, Nicole Hallett, Emily MacDonald, and Vanessa Valley, all of West Gardiner; Courtney Alexander, Sarah Garthoff, Nicholas Girardin, and Christine McCormick, all of Whitefield; William Appel, Milicent Markle, and Jeffrey Paulin, all of Windsor; Jason Burnham, Stephen Gallo, Jessica Hubley, Felicia Lucas, Jacob Mitchell, Clinton Pettengill, Keith Ross, and Tara Stevens, all of Winthrop; Lisa Barnes of Wiscasset.

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