I propose solving the national debate on gun control by giving the pro-gun people the right to bear arms as strictly outlined in the Constitution: Everyone gets a musket or a flintlock pistol.

Nothing more, just the same as what our ancestors got in the Revolutionary War. Those are the guns the Second Amendment refers to in its “right to keep and bear arms.”

After all, I’m sure strict adherents to the Second Amendment would respect the same rights of firearms as our forefathers did (unless this has nothing to do with the Constitution, but that would just be cynical).

No one wants their rights taken away, but since George Washington wasn’t firing an AK-47 at Cornwallis, I guess the right to own military hardware isn’t a right to be taken away.

So in their collective paranoia, when pro-gun people think those black UN helicopters are coming to disarm them, they should load up that black powder and make their one shot count. After all, that’s what the Founding Fathers would have wanted you to do.

Chance Bartlett, Waterville

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