Let me get this straight: Our new U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry has just pledged more than $250 million of our money to support Egypt’s economy.

When the United States is dealing with federal shutdowns that may dip deep into our own military and private sector, we’re going to give away money.

Where is this money coming from? We can’t even find a way to feed, educate and protect our citizens, and now we’re going to offer a “good will” stash of cash to a bunch of Muslims who not only kill themselves, but their own people and us as well.

Most of the billions of dollars we already have sent to Egypt probably has ended up in the hands of the Taliban and other death-to-America insurgents.

Now our out-of-touch President Barack Obama has promised to unlock more than a $1 billion along with Kerry’s give-away, while here at home in the U.S. air traffic controllers and TSA agents may be sent home without pay, as well as health workers, first responders and others, according to our golf-trotting president and his skier wife. We don’t see them preparing for any belt tightening, that’s for sure.

We must put a stop to this cash giveaway. This is not the Wheel of Fortune. It’s our hard-earned tax dollars going to people who want nothing more than to kill us in the end.

Now if Kerry wants to give his own or his wife’s money to Egypt, he should go for it.

Let’s not take it out of the U.S. taxpayers’ money, however, like the Obama administration is doing.

Dan Cassidy


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