As a current state employee, I know I am fortunate to have a job.

But I would like to point out to legislators and everyone else that not all state workers earn $40,000 or more per year. Quite a few of us earn a lot less than that.

As of Aug. 18, I will have worked for the state for five years. Merit raises were frozen the month before I completed my first year. So, my pay hasn’t ever gone up, but the price of gas, food, oil and everything else has risen. Plus we now pay more of our insurance, in co-pays and deductibles.

All the while, I am still earning the same amount of pay I earned five years ago.

I would like to know where the information came from that bumped all state workers into that $40,000 category. We don’t, and now we have more cutbacks and no pay increases. How is that fair?

Joan Page


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