It is too bad that we deal with such hypocrisy about business in our state.

We have what looks like two thriving businesses, one in real estate and one in Zumba, and we destroy them by prosecuting their owners for other services performed.

One can stand on their moral high ground for not only this issue, but for fireworks, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and many others, but I am getting tired of spending tax dollars on the enforcement of morality.

Eliminating prostitution has been a goal of many for a long time, and not a successful one. Our neighbors to the north have recognized this, and the failure of their society has yet to happen.

It would seem that our governor and legislators could find a way to rid ourselves of another enforcement burden by following the example of other states in our country (such as Nevada).

Continuing the practice of jailing people instead of working with them creates a hostile environment.

Michael Maliga


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