TROY — Residents at the annual Town Meeting on Saturday will be asked to raise a little less money this year.

The final payment for a firetruck was made last year, Troy Town Clerk Kathy Mattingly said, so residents will not have to raise that money again this year.

The proposed budget is down about 4 percent to about $521,000 on the 43-article town warrant. Last year’s budget was slightly more than $544,000.

The municipal budget does not include spending for district schools or the town’s share of the county tax. The current property tax rate is $13.50 for every $1,000 in assessed value.

The annual business meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday at Troy Central School.

Polls are open on Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Troy Town Office. There are no contested races. 
In spending proposals at Saturday’s Town Meeting, residents will be asked to appropriate $57,150 — the same as last year — to pay the salaries of town officers. The Budget Committee and selectmen are recommending $49,850 from taxation and $5,300 from agent fees, plus $2,000 from land sales for training in the Town Office.


Voters also will be asked to raise $8,500 from taxation for general expenses for the Fire Department and to take $2,000 from the town’s forestry account for forest fire control and fire emergency expenses. Also proposed is an article to raise $1,000 for the Fire Department’s improvement fund. The town raised $3,500 for that fund last year.

Also on the Town Meeting warrant is a vote to make the ninth of 10 payments on the bond for road improvements. The money would come from taxes, the Urban Rural Initiative Program, surplus and the forestry account.

For road work this year, residents will be asked to spend $40,000 for road improvements, plus $50,000 for summer roads and $125,000 for winter roads.

Voters also will be asked to raise $19,500 for door-to-door pickup of household waste and recyclables and for the purchase of trash stickers for the year.

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