As a Maine senior citizen, I am speaking out against Gov. Paul LePage’s budget cuts.

Many people in Maine struggle to make ends meet. With the rising costs of food and fuel, we cannot enjoy the luxury of vacations or eating out in a nice restaurant.

Many have been taken off MaineCare, and now LePage wants to take away the homestead exemption. We do not need higher taxes.

Low-income and what is left of the middle-income population will be in danger of losing their homes, in addition to many of the benefits that already have disappeared.

LePage must listen to the people and find solutions that will help rather than hinder. Are we to become a state where only the wealthy can prosper and live? Cutting health care and education and raising taxes is unacceptable.

I recently picked up a copy of Maine Senior magazine and on the back of the last page was a letter from LePage stating how much he cared about the welfare of Maine seniors. You tell me.

Barb Ericksen

St. Albans

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