How is a society expected to survive, let alone prosper, when the basic principles of honor that allow us to coexist are no longer viewed as a moral obligation?

Is it now accepted that when two people enter into an agreement, it is not an obvious violation of principles when one side does not live up to its end of the agreement?

If so, then as a society, how do we expect our young people to grow up understanding that everything has value? How do they learn that if you want something, you are expected to earn it, not just expect it for free? Does it not encourage them to feel entitled to just take it without paying for it?

Maine taxpayers currently owe Maine hospitals $450 million. Those hospitals hire and provide care for Maine people. Yes, us, the taxpayers, who owe that bill.

This debt has hung around our necks for too many years. It is disgraceful to continue to be deadbeats and not pay for the care that many citizens legitimately received. It stands as a glaring and embarrassing suggestion that we cannot be trusted to pay our bills and live up to our adult responsibilities. This is a poor example to our future leaders and business owners.

Many people wonder why there have been so few jobs here in Maine. What sane business owner would bring jobs here with hundreds of millions of dollars of unpaid debt and a history of citizens who ignore their obligations?


These times have become difficult on all of us, but priorities need to be made; necessities need to come before luxuries.

As Mainers, let’s pay our bills. Pay the hospitals what we owe them. Let’s support the governor’s plan to finally ensure these obligations are met.

Joel Stetkis


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