Will someone please explain to me why there is a need to increase the speed limit on the Interstate 295 corridor from 65 mph to 75 mph?

This is a relatively short distance with many exits. Faster speed means increased gas consumption, longer and harder braking, with increased wear and tear on the brakes for maybe a few minutes saved, minutes the good old stop lights in Gardiner and Augusta will quickly kill.

Vehicles regularly travel near 75 mph anyhow, and drivers who do 65 mph (such as yours truly) take great risk of being rear-ended.

Faster speed means increased response time to any obstruction ahead. With the high cost of gas, just what is being saved by increasing the speed limit?

I guess my age must be creeping up on me. I drive just below the speed limit on my cruise control so I get the better mileage, lower maintenance cost and most of all peace of mind of catching up to the person that sped by me and got off at the same exit.

Frank K. Powers Jr.


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