I was delighted to learn that the newly elected pope chose for himself the name of Francis, drawing a connection to the 13th-century St. Francis of Assisi, generally known as patron saint of the animals.

Indeed, Catholic and Anglican churches hold ceremonies blessing animals on his feast day, Oct. 4.

On one of his nature walks, St. Francis reportedly preached to the birds and often is portrayed with a bird in his hand. On another occasion, St. Francis concluded a pact with a ferocious wolf that was terrorizing local townsfolk, whereby the wolf would quit preying on the town’s sheep in exchange for being fed regularly. He even persuaded local dogs to stop harassing the wolf.

He freed a rabbit from a trap, returned caught fish to their stream, and fed half-frozen bees during the winter.

I hope that Pope Francis will inspire Catholics and all persons of goodwill to show nonhuman animals the respect and compassion they so richly deserve, particularly when it comes to subsidizing their abuse and slaughter for food at the checkout counter. Joining the meatless Mondays trend may be a good start.

Patrick Wayne


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