Over the past years, I have written many letters to the editor.

I think this may be a good time to say thank you to the Kennebec Journal and a special thank you to those readers who took the time to read them.

It has been a great way for me to express my humble opinions and release my frustrations. As of late, however, I have had problems getting letters published, one was considered too racy, and another, more recently, too sarcastic.

It is probably a sign of old age and senility, so I should very likely put this old typewriter to rest.

After all, I learned to type with it some 70 years ago and took it with me when I graduated from Kents Hill School.

Having a son who is nearing retirement age himself is also a warning that I am getting old.

Times have changed, and I think the days of free speech are gone. I can no longer write what I think.

I will not, however, walk off into the sunset.

People are likely to find me out in the woods looking for golf balls.

The wild critters don’t seem to be offended by my sarcastic mutterings.

Ezra Smith


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