I read an article in the March 21 newspaper that quoted Barack Obama as saying, “Iran must not have nukes.”

We are still fighting wars because we helped Israel defend itself from its enemies. According to your paper, Osama bin Laden said the 9/11 attacks happened because we helped Israel kill Arabs.

So we have fought two major wars in Iraq and one in Afghanistan that’s still going on. Thousands of Americans and at least 130,000 Iraqis have died.

Israel has the best army in the Mideast and can protect itself. We cannot afford another war. If we bomb Iran, we will be in a never-ending war with Arabs and others.

We are now deep in debt. Congress and Obama “hope” to break even in 10 years. I don’t think anyone really believes that.

We cannot afford to run the whole world. We are bankrupt now. Think what an eternal war with Arabs would mean.

In another generation, we will not have to worry about illegal immigrants from Mexico and China. They will voluntarily return to their countries.

As for embassy personnel killed in Libya, we should advise all embassies that, if they do not feel safe they should close the embassy and stop all aid to that country.

Frank Allain


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