When motorists arrive in Maine, they are greeted with a sign that says “Maine is Open for Business.”

For many years, the Legislature has professed that its main goal is to attract business and grow our local economy. As a business owner, I make business decisions based on certainty and my business plan.

With the ever-changing regulatory environment, it is impossible to plan and invest in an uncertain market. In order for business to thrive in Maine, business owners must have certainty that the rules that we play by today will be the same tomorrow.

I completely stand for regulating chemicals for the safety of our children and Maine families when it is on a scientific basis.

By considering the removal of bisphenol-A from food products packaging, however, the Legislature is once again playing politics with the business environment of Maine. The FDA specifically has stated that groups have failed to provide sufficient enough data for it to initiate a rulemaking process on the removal of BPA.

The Legislature needs to stand by its word and work toward creating a strong business community in Maine. We need to work together — business owners and politicians — to ensure that our environment is safe and our business community thrives at the same time.

I urge the members of the Legislature to stand with their constituents and vote against the bill to ban BPA, sponsored by Sen. Seth Goodall, D-Richmond.

Ben Grant


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