A letter to the editor on March 16 was about horse meat. The writer compared the names of farm animals to what we buy at the market: beef for cows, pork for pigs, chicken for hens, etc.

Then he says all we have to do is change the name of horse meat to the store name of “cheval” (which is French for horse). I hope this man is trying to warn us what’s coming.

All animals are precious, and I believe we can survive without eating them. That being said, I would like to alert all dog and cat owners that once a fad like he suggests takes over, their animals might be next.

It’s a sad omen when people can be fooled by euphemisms when buying food.

I know when we are hungry we will eat anything. In civilian life in the 21st century, however, do we have to eat horse meat, dog meat or cat meat?

Our government is partly to blame. In its infinite wisdom, it has declared horses “farm animals” rather than pets, as they deserve to be classified.

We should feel sorry for farm animals as our government decrees they may be slaughtered in any manner for consumption.

This old veteran has seen dogs serve in the military and even cats, but the honor goes to horses, who led so many of our ancestors through battle and even gave their lives.

Anybody who reads history should remember Traveler, Gen. Robert E. Lee’s horse. Our gallant horses have been replaced by the helicopter, but the history of those gentle giants can never be forgotten.

Frank Slason


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