I recently took my boxer to the Augusta dog park. She loves going there, and I love to watch her have fun.

However, I could not believe all the poop left all over the place.

How lazy and ignorant are these people? It wasn’t like this before, so I’m assuming it’s new users of the park.

I ask the people who witness anyone leaving without cleaning up after their pet to report them.

I know the Augusta Police Department has enough to do already, but if they get description of the people and their pets, maybe they can track them down.

They could summons and fine them like they so richly deserve.

There is just no excuse for dog owners being that lazy. The bags are provided and a waste container is on site.

I’m a disabled 62-year-old with crippling arthritis. If I can pick up after my dog, so can they.

Martha Stanton


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