I’m going to explain just how easy it is to better/fix our economy. Even all those corrupt, hard-headed leaders in Washington will be able to understand.

1. We need to have the president, vice president and members of U.S. Congress all take a 50 percent wage cut. This will still make all of them overpaid. We also must insist they do their jobs, and we have to cut their perks and better align their retirement to be more like most of us Americans. This will have a positive effect on our national budget. Our government is always trying to find ways to cut needed programs, yet never do they mention cutting their own wages and/or benefits.

2. We must put gas and oil prices below $2 per gallon. This will put about $300 per month into most families’ pockets. This should help them pay their bills better, spend more on things they need and want, which should cause more production and create more jobs to handle all the extra spending. It would even allow more people to come off food stamps and other forms of assistance.

3. Cut taxes in half and close all loopholes, and insist our government spend our money wisely and honestly for a change. This also will put more money into everyone’s pockets, which will have a positive snowball effect on our economy.

If those people in Washington still don’t understande this, they can call me.

Ed A. Rowe, Albion

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