According to the March 29 Kennebec Journal, the legislators are proposing to remove the copper sheathing from the dome of the State House.

I hope they use some common sense, unlike the city of Augusta, which disposed of valuable historic property, including our beautiful railroad station and the Haynes and Macomber estates, to name a few.

The sheathing on the dome is a valuable historic artifact. It would be an unforgivable sin to haul it off to a junkyard. Think how much legislation and how many bills have been passed under this dome in the last 100 years. Think how many wars it has been through.

I propose cutting it into small squares and selling these squares to the public or to the tourists who love Maine. I’ve already talked to people who would buy such a historic piece.

I know the state needs revenue, and this is a chance to get some and benefit a lot of folks. If these squares are sold at a reasonable price, the revenue will start coming in. They can always sell what’s left over for scrap.

Those folks who are languishing in the county jail could do the cutting. Give ’em some tinsnips and put ’em to work.

Don Tuttle


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