WINSLOW — Pete Gurski, 44, of Winslow, is in need of a kidney transplant. He was born with one kidney, and suffers chronic kidney disease. His one kidney functions at 15-20 percent.

Gurski family members have been tested and were found incompatible. He will begin dialysis within the next few months. The typical wait time on a donor list is six to seven years.

A possible donor needs to match Gurski’s O blood type or a “cross” match. In a “cross” match scenario, a donor is willing to donate a kidney that could be given to another waiting transplant patient and Gurski’s name would be moved up on the list.

Possible donors need to be 18 or older. Family members as well as friends, co-workers and neighbors are examples of potential donors. Living kidney donors have excellent general health, do not have diabetes or kidney disease, have their own health insurance, are nonsmokers for three months before the donation and are of a healthy weight.

A correct blood-type donor transplant is being coordinated by Mass General Hospital in Boston. For more information, call 877-644-2860, or visit

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