The Infants Born Alive Act is a law that recognizes the right of babies who survive botched abortions to have medical care to save their lives.

As a senator from Illinois, Barack Obama voted against the act, saying it was an attack on abortion rights. He was confident that a doctor would “do the right thing” and administer care, so the law wasn’t needed.

Enter abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell. On trial for multiple murders, Gosnell is a ghoul by any standard. In his clinic, his little shop of horrors, he surrounds himself with jars containing baby parts, including heads. Apparently Gosnell likes to destroy babies on the wrong side of the birth canal, hence the murder charges. He also allegedly murdered a woman patient.

If all that I’ve heard is true, the Gosnell trial is the biggest untold story this year. The majority of those in media-land have decided to keep it under wraps. Abortion, of course, is a sacred cow, along with homosexuals and Obama.

After all, we might begin to wonder what type of person wants to own an abortion clinic and destroy unborn infants.

Or we might wonder why so many abortion clinics in so many states are exempt from basic medical standards. We may wonder why Planned Parenthood fights against the Infants Born Alive Act and lobbies politicians to alter it so it is up to the woman and her abortionist to decide if the baby should receive care.

Most of all, we might wonder how a newborn can be a person worthy of all protections on this side of the birth canal but only a fetus that can be ripped apart on the other.

Bruce Clavette, Athens

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