The April 19 editorial of this paper concerned the inaction of the U.S. Senate regarding gun legislation following a recent spate of multiple slayings.

This, I suppose, was to be expected since in recent times we have a paralyzed do-nothing Congress.

Our Founding Fathers envisioned a Congress composed of peers of the public who would tend to the business of this country and its future growth. Now we have a Congress composed of career-minded, professional politicians whose first and foremost goal is their re-election every two or six years. This desire takes precedence over all other considerations, including the nation’s needs and business. The above-mentioned gun legislation is a stark example.

To overcome this problem, Section 1 of Amendment XXII to our Constitution should be revised to include U.S. senators and congressmen. After all, if term limits apply to the president, it should apply to the Congress as well.

Another improvement to the Senate would be to remove minority rule in that body. The requirement of 60 votes to pass any legislation subverts the work of that body. A simple majority should be sufficient. This nation, after all, is supposed to be a democracy.

My worry is that the above will not occur, and we will continue our steady slide from a democracy to a plutocracy.

Stephen Kiedrowski


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