WINTHROP — Winthrop High School has announced its third-quarter honor roll for the 2012-13 school year.

12TH GRADE — High honors: Jasmine Buck, Declan Chu, Lauren Kaiser, and Heidi Lachance.

Honors: Randee Boulay, Quahnah Cummings Deirdre Dosedlo, Amber Gilman, Floyd Hallett, Alex Ingram, Hunter Kilgore, Zachary Nadeau, Erica Ouellette, Matthew Pazdziorko, Daniel Pietroski, Thomas Pietroski, Amber Pritchard, Leah Savage, Jessica Scott, and Alyssa Sohns.

11TH GRADE — High honors: Alex Chamberland.

Honors: Dominick Cognata, Alexandra Conant, Randi Dennett, Micaela Hajduk, Jared Hanson, Rachel Ingram, Catherine Ouellette, and Maureen Tierney.

10TH GRADE — High honors: Kevin Chamberland, Hailey Eason, Teresa Easterbrooks, and Taylor Ouellette.

Honors: Ben Allen, Casey Avery, Lilly Beauregard, Dakota Carter, Sebastion Coston, Mitchell DeBlois, Hope Dunn, Joseph Fay, Curtis Hawes, Issac Johnson, Taylor Morang, Patrick Ouellette, Nicholas Schlosser, Matthew Sekerak, Garrett Settle, Christina Smith, Mason Sohns, Gabrielle Stewart, and Trisha Wilson.

NINTH GRADE — High honors: Angel Abbott, Olivia Audet, Jada Choate, Kennedy Connor, Tyler Nussinow, and Adrienne Tracy.

Honors: Ben Ames, Morgan Beland, Alison Berube, Emma Conrad, Mathias Deming, Brendon Dunn, Celeste Hannum, Cabot Lancaster, Lydia Lavoie, Julie McConnell, Derek McLaughlin, Anthony Owens, Kaitlin Souza, Kelsey Stoneton, and Jessica Tozer.

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