It is the job of our legislators to protect Maine’s most vulnerable populations — older adults and challenged individuals. I am fully aware that this is a tough economy, but it is even tougher when one is frail, elderly, alone and in pain.

Maine seniors have watched and continue to watch as their hard-earned Social Security benefits are debated over and over again in Washington. Any savings many at-risk Mainers may have had are long-gone in the face of soaring costs for utilities and food.

In the last 10 years, hunger among older adults has increased by an unbelievable 80 percent, according to the AARP.

Social Security is the only source of income for one-third of Mainers age 65 and older. Many older Mainers rely upon every dime, every penny, to get them through each month. These are individuals who have no choices. They have nowhere else to turn. The state has alternatives, but these are Maine residents who do not.

These are the residents who need for their voices to be heard. Please do not cut the Drugs for the Elderly or the Medicare Savings Program. These are the programs upon which many of our most at-risk Mainers rely to stay in their own homes and communities where we know they want to be.

Vanessa McGrath, volunteer

AARP Maine Communications


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