The minute the word taxes is mentioned we all probably think of three things: We don’t like to pay them, we surely don’t want them raised and Maine desperately needs tax reform.

It’s pretty clear our current tax policies are not working. So why not reform them, right?

Not so fast. People speak about “comprehensive tax reform” but we never do it because there is something for most people to hate and something for most people to like. The hate part comes out pretty quickly and any hope of comprehensive change gets shelved again.

The problems, however, get worse and continue to plague us, our towns and our state.

So now, along comes L.D. 1496, An Act to Modernize and Simplify the Tax Code. It is a bipartisan effort by a dedicated group of legislators called “The Gang of 11.” In my opinion, these 11 legislators have put out a remarkably fair and thorough effort.

It’s hard to be impressed with tax legislation but this is one outstanding job. There are things I don’t like, but this is the best tax reform package I have seen in 30 years. It deserves a real chance to be heard and to work.


This legislation tackles more of what is wrong with our current tax codes and positions Maine to grow. It borrows ideas from states known to be tax friendly.

There’s much more, but my purpose isn’t to tell you all the details. We all have to review that for ourselves. My purpose is to ask all to give the proposal a chance.

If we don’t, we keep the status quo and we all lose. But it doesn’t have to be that way; this tax reform is a real chance for Maine to win.

Ron Lovaglio


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