So, Paul LePage didn’t spend much time in Lewiston, not even enough time to meet with residents who were directly affected by the recent fires.

This was because Lewiston “brings back a lot of bad memories.” He didn’t see the faces of people left homeless by the fires, and at first he didn’t plan to give them any help at all.

He did, however, stay in Lewiston long enough to visit his favorite bakery there, as “it makes him smile” — because it is all about him and his feelings.

His blatant disregard and dislike of public schools apparently have their roots in the fact that they made him unhappy as a child, too.

If only he could get over himself and act like a leader of the people of Maine. Sadly, as it hasn’t happened yet, and we have no reason to believe he will ever grow up and get over the wrongs done to him in his childhood. Poor Maine.

Abigail Norling


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