I am curious about why the AARP is paying for radio ads promoting the expansion of Medicaid in our state.

Medicaid expansion is but one part of the enormous health care act passed by Congress a few years ago. In order to fund the expansion, more than $700 billion is being cut from Medicare, an insurance program vital to our senior citizens.

One would think that if AARP’s major concern were the well-being of its senior citizen constituency, it would fight to retain the $700 billion in Medicare rather than supporting the cut to advance Medicaid expansion.

I believe that AARP has shown its true colors on this issue. It isn’t for protecting seniors; it is for making money in the secondary insurance market and for pushing a liberal progressive agenda of growing government through Medicaid expansion.

Our federal government is broke. Any state that believes it can make money by accepting federal dollars to expand Medicaid is sadly mistaken. Once the federal money runs out, each state will be stuck with the entire bill. Then what do we do? This spending madness must stop, and AARP must be called out.

Carol Kemmerer


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