The following is a list of Carrabec High School’s class of 2013.

Cameron Michael Abruzzese

Hannah Elizabeth Ames

Tucker Jolly Atwood

Nicholas Allen Beane

Tsani Jay Black


Avery William Boucher

Nicholas James Bowman

Raychel Marie Bushey

Alexis Angel Cancel

Trevor John Carrigan

Britnie Elizabeth Coldwell


Charie Amber Cole

Megan Kalene Cole

Danyell Yvonne Coro

Kaitlyn Clara Ann Cowan

Aaron Lief Fitzmaurice

Michaela Marie Forsten


Courtney Marie Frost

Cody William Gatcomb

Molly Katlyn Gray

Samantha Eileen Gray

Carroll Eugene Handley

Katherine Michelle King


Ashlee Lynne Knight

Nathaniel James Knox

Angie Nicole Kovacs

Tamika Jane LaCroix

Sarah Katherine Larlee

Brandon Eric LeHay


Maria Lynette Liberti

Lindsey Marie Locklear

Sydney Anne Longley

Glenn Allen Lumbert

Caleb Michael McCoy

Cole Robert McDonald


Alice Irene Miller

Brian Eric Morin

Brett Michael Musotic

Aaron Thomas Nadeau

Brittany May Nile

Desirae Marie Norton


Dylan Frank Oliver

Jocelia Caitlin Pease

Gage Allen Peterson

Connor Jean Pinkham

Morgen Joy Pluntke

Leah Maura Poirier


Fresca Marie Pray

Mary Allison Price

Anna May Rich

Jacob Linwood Ricker

Kristina Lynn Robinson

Arielle Meagan Rolfe


Shelby Marie Royce

Chloe Lynne Salom

Joelle Morgan Serafino

Darren Christopher Sheridan

Carina Mae Slate

Kristofer Russell Sterry


Kimberly Annette Stoddard

Megan Marie Sylvain

Kaleb Wayne Turner

Peter Kaups Viekman

Tyler James Voter

Cassandra Elaine Wacome


Chad Allen Watson

Maeve Riley Quinn Weggler

Hunter Donald Williams

Patrick Grant Wyman

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