Guided by my recent rereading of Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham,” plus 36 years employment in the three branches of Maine government, I offer the following simple answers to current complicated legislative questions dealing with payment of $484 million hospital debt, 60,000 person expansion of Medicaid and Democrats dislike of Gov. Paul LePage’s office foyer television set.

Symbolize the issues thusly: the debt is a bushel of apples; Medicaid expansion is 10 pecks of potatoes and the TV set is five bags of onions.

LePage opposed Democratic efforts at fitting the potatoes into the apples when he vetoed the combination; the basket was already full! Too, everybody knows the difference between apples and potatoes is as plain as green eggs differ from ham.

To their credit, Democrats did not attempt to add onions to the mix; apparently that’s a separate matter. But heck, when the democratic mix is already fruit and vegetable, what’s one more vegetable?

The costs of taxpayers’ foodstuffs being what they are these days, tying the 60,000 Medicaid expansion to the hospital debt lacked arguable benefit of a Democratic budget beside the governor’s budget but there I go, turning non-existence of a democratic budget to sour grapes!

Take guidance from Dr. Seuss’ “answers are simple.” Maine’s apple and potato industries are strong enough to stand alone. Republicans and Democrats agree hospitals should be paid; it’s a proven stand-alone issue. Does the 60,000 Medicaid expansion issue have two feet?

John Benoit


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