Politicians are trying to stop individuals from buying “junk food and soft drinks.” (Food stamps, junk food ban backers say it will fight obesity, May 4).

I use food stamps and I am already limited from buying food that is prepared or hot. This would include “hot” chili from a salad bar in Hannaford. Also restricted is an “already cooked, warm chicken.” Well, by your standards those are not “good” and nutritionally beneficial to the buyer.

I’m going shopping today and on my list are: salt and pepper, flour, sugar, pepperoni, milk, lemon juice, veggies to make salads and I was thinking about a quarter watermelon.

Some people on SNAP sell partial of what they get for various reasons. I’m not saying that some do it for drugs, but some may do it for toilet paper. Some abuse it, some don’t. Your plan will only cause more abuse to the system.

I have an idea, if a person gets $190 for food stamps, why doesn’t the Department of Health and Human Services change it to $150 food and $40 cash?

I, for one, love and need toilet paper.

Ernie Marston


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