As a retired teacher of 27 years, I feel I must address what is happening in our state government. We have a governor who is a bully, and he is leading the lemmings in the Legislature straight off a cliff as fast as he can, pulling the rest of the state over with him. Like any other bully, Gov. Paul LePage must have a supportive audience in order to succeed. The Republican members in the Legislature have again reversed their votes in order to support the governor’s veto of bills that could have brought benefits to our state. Shame on you, legislators!

Now I must address the governor’s obvious hatred for public education and anyone who supports our schools. Having had such a difficult upbringing, Gov. LePage should realize that our schools are not failing our children — it is the lack of parental attention, nurturing and guidance that is failing our children. In any given classroom, one will usually find at least one third of the students who are products of parents who coddle, spoil and enable them. Another third of the class is made up of children who are hungry, poorly clothed, exhausted, lacking positive role models at home and often victims of abuse. If we teachers are lucky, we may find one third of the class is motivated and ready to learn.

I would love to meet with the governor and teach him a few facts about education and life as an educator. I would tell him what I told my students — my number is in the book, and I am always here if you need me.

Cheryl Ellis


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