Rarely do we have such a win-win situation! If Gov. Paul LePage and Maine Republicans support the Democrat’s plan to extend MaineCare, the federal government will provide 100 percent of the funding to insure those in Maine who cannot afford health insurance, many of whom are wage earners. Nearly 70 percent of Mainers agree that we should accept the dollars.

According to estimates prepared by the Health and Human Services Committee in consultation with the Department of Health and Human Services and the nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Program Review, the state will save $8.6 million dollars in 2013-2015 from accepting federal funds to cover more Mainers. The savings comes from the increased match rate. This savings offsets any cost of associated with administering the program. Also, the federal government covers 75 percent of the cost of that administration.

This will also allow us to pay the hospital debt, using the money from the liquor contract. Supporting both, Mainers gain health insurance and we pay back an old debt. Even the conservative Heritage Foundation agrees with the figures that Maine is destined to save over $650 million dollars by accepting the extension of MaineCare. Expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act is good deal we can’t pass up. Maine pays nothing and the federal government covers health care costs for 70,000 Maine people.

Again, a win-win for Mainers!

Colleen P. Crowley


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