It never ceases to amaze me how people do not have to take responsibility for what they do, as long as they have someone else to blame.

Andrew Leighton went into Cabela’s to buy a gun to kill his mother. The first time he was turned down by the store because he seemed agitated, the next day, with different people there, he went back in and was able to buy the gun, legally, why? Because he showed up on no list that said he couldn’t. Did he seem agitated or upset the second time with different people there? No one is saying. Did his parents know he had been having a problem, yes. Had he been seen by someone who knew he was having a problem? Yes. Had he spent time in a hospital for this problem? Yes. Had he been having trouble and been getting worse in the past? Yes. His parents were (thinking) about having him committed involuntarily to a hospital. Did they do this? No. Was he ever on the list of people who were not supposed to have a gun, Federal Instant Background Check list? No. Why not?

Now it is Cabela’s fault for not knowing that this guy was dangerous, even though it was probably their first dealing with him. They had nothing to go on other than he was agitated the first time they saw him. We don’t know about the second time, when a different person, who probably didn’t know him, waited on him.

Go figure.

Gary Kitchen


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