SKOWHEGAN — Somerset Career & Technical Center recently held an awards ceremony for students completing the program.

Automotive technology: Jennifer Allen, Tsani Black, Morgan Call, Morgan Elliott-Roode, Cody Hubbard, Dan Mantor, Cameron Michaud, Tyler Noble, Cody Palmer and Cordell Welcome.

Cooperative education: Kamerin Alspaugh, Avery Boucher, Desiree Brochu, Raychel Bushey, Chad Carroll, Cassandra Cates, Charie Cole, Samantha Collins, Allison Coombs, Kaitlyn Cowan, Destiny Dickey, Dominique Doane, Aaron Fitzmaurice, Justin French, Heaven Gilbert, Samantha Gonzales, Samantha Gray, Levi Hayden, Hunter Howard, Sahleina Jenkins, Robin Kelly, Brandon Lambert, Shakora Laney, Katelynn Lizotte, Mikel Merrill, Alice Miller, Montana Murray, Kameron Nelson, Brittany Nile, Sarah Norton, Emily Polion, Tory Pullen, Shelly Rackliff, Levi Richardson, Arielle Rolfe, Chloe Salom, Tyler Savage, Joelle Serafino, Brittney Stetkis, Kimberly Stoddard, Chelsea Sudborough, Riley Teixeira, Alison Theberge, Natasha Thompson, Alexis Toth, Kaden Tozier, Joshua West and Chenyrene Winchester.

Culinary arts: Clarissa Ashe, Avery Boucher, Jasen Dickey, Jamie Hamm, Christine Holt, Dallas Hutchinson, Ariana Rowe, Samantha Santos, Shakel Saucier, Michael Washburn, Jr., Brett Willey and Bronwyn Wolf.

Digital graphic arts: Kathryn Bigelow, Christa Corson, Megan Denno, Andrew Farris, Julie Lasselle, Kaitlynn McGuire, Aaron Picard, Nicole Sites, Megan Sylvain, Josey Towle and Kaitlyn Wood.

Early childhood education: Hailey Atkinson, Denise Carrow, Stephanie Caswell, Deanna Hayden, Katelynn Lizotte, Bethany Martin and Lanie Spencer.

Electrical construction: Sinjun Belanger, Caleb Foster, Anthony Kett, Seth Malloy, Derek McCarty, Gage Peterson, Colby Rancourt, Corey Rowell and Jarid Wheelock.

Health care careers — C.N.A.: Hannah Ames, Jasmine Avery, Caity Charrier, Chantel Corson-Rock, Olivia Hamm, Meaghan Hunnewell, Krysta King, Michaela Pomelow, Courtney Sprague, Paige Topel and Caitlin Tozier.

Health care careers — Allied health: Alanna Atkinson, Lexie Austin, Rebecca Bell, Rylie Blanchet, Lindsay Cayford, Erika Cooley, Emma Downing, Summer Emery, Kayli Jo Gagne, Jordan Gillespie, Jasmine Gordon, Hannah Hubbard, Dayna LaPorte, Kaitlyn Luce, Cailee Manzer, Jordan Mercier, Melissa Mitchell, Dana Quimby, Emily Shrader and Emily Sudborough.

Information systems technology: Teagan Griffeth, Marquis McLaughlin, Sean Taylor and Alex Weeman.

Outdoor leadership and skills: Kimberlly Bergeron, Jeremy Bessey, Joseph Griffeth Jr., Samantha Heath, Nathan Hodgdon, Tyler Humphrey, Dylan Nickerson, Brittany Noble, Trevor Thebarge, Jessica Varney, Cordell Welcome and Brandon Wilson.

Pre-engineering: Garrett Anderson, Alex Baker, Benjamin Clement, Adam Clukey, Camden DesPres, Racheal French, Emily Greaney, Travis Janvrin, Tory Leo, Spencer Lynds, Chase McKenney, Andrew Pineo, Anne-Marie Provencal, Daniel Quirion, Corey Robinson, Carter Stevens, Noah Stevens and Drew Wyman.

Residential construction: Joshua Dorval, Bryan LaPointe, Andrew Pineo, Daniel Rogers, Zach Switzer and Lucas Wallace.

Welding systems: Nicholas Beane, Deven Dewey, Sarah Finnemore, Cody Gatcomb, Jerry Grivois, Logan Merrill, Corey Moorehead, Taylor Robinson and Austin Vermette.

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