I’m sure most of us have sat around in conversations when someone made a statement that encouraged a peaceful resolution to a problem or alluded to us all getting along together. Then someone would wise-crack, “Oh yeah, let’s all sit around and sing ‘Kumbaya'”. A few would go, “yuck, yuck” or “te-he, te-he”.

Kumbaya would get a good laugh and the conversation would move on to more serious things like “American Idol,” “Dancing With the Stars” or some such nonsense.

This is really sad, indeed. With the world the way it is and so many people at each other’s throats, “Kumbaya” is what the world really does need. More than ever, if we don’t start working together, we will surely destroy each other. This is not just an idle observation. At no time in our history have we ever had the technology to annihilate the whole planet, at least of humankind.

So, let us all put our differences aside and, “Kumbaya, Oh Lord, Kumbaya.”

Peter Sirois


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