Balancing a budget is full of tough choices. It’s a game of give and take. There are some years where certain line items need a little more and others need a little less. But some programs, like the Medicare Savings Program, should never be cut.

The Medicare Savings Program covers the Part B premium for Medicare, which pays for all doctor visits, preventive care, screenings and outpatient care.

This program is for those who are on a low, fixed income, who are over 65 and on Medicare or disabled.

Nearly 40,000 people in the program will lose all or some of their coverage. Seniors who are on a strict fixed income are probably not in a position to apply for a job when their finances get tough.

The group of people who depend on this program really do need it and, without it will have to make tough choices about what is more important: medication or everyday living expenses.

They shouldn’t have to make choices like these. The program was designed to prevent these sorts of decisions and now the program could be taken away.


I understand that while trying to balance a budget, compromises will have to be made but resources shouldn’t be taken from a group of people who don’t have anything to give.

I hope that people reading this will call their legislators and tell them to protect the Medicare Savings Program.

Sarah Mears

South Portland

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