Kenneth Eskelund, DVM, passed away on Thursday, May 30, 2013. Hopefully, area readers took the time to read his obituary. Dr. Eskelund was known worldwide for his work in avian (poultry) medicine. In reading his obituary, it is hard to believe that one man was responsible for so much good in our society, both in the business and philanthropic arenas.

What, also, gives me great pride is the fact that Kenneth Eskelund was a “local boy.” I feel honored to say that the Eskelund and Nivison families were neighbors during the 30s, 40s and early 50s. That neighborhood was the dead end streets of First Street and Second Street, off Barton Street just north of the Winslow Elementary School. All of the homes in that area were built by the Hollingsworth & Whitney Paper Co. in the early years of the 20th century. These homes were leased to mill workers and their families. The Eskelund’s kitchen window, on First Street, faced the Nivison’s kitchen window on Second Street, a distance of about 40 yards. I cannot say that I was a close friend of Kenneth Eskelund; he graduated from Winslow High in 1941; I graduated from WHS in 1952, but we did know of each other. I can still picture him and his sister, Ellen (class of 1939), leaving and returning home from WHS.

Every community needs people like Dr. Eskelund who do not forget their roots. Kenneth Eskelund gave much more back to his community, in terms of jobs and philanthropy, than he ever took away.

The Winslow High School senior who received the Kenneth Eskelund Scholarship for 2013 has been blessed. If you apply the same work ethic, dedication and loyalty as your benefactor, you will be a success.

Thank You, Kenneth Eskelund; Thank You, Shirley Eskelund

Jack Nivison


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