I would like to thank a young gentleman who twice came to my honking Nissan on Commercial Street recently. I attempted to unlock my car after my dental appointment and must have tripped the theft alarm.

This was the first time it went on since I have owned the car. It would not shut off, so I lifted the hood and tried to find the fuse for the horn.

The young man took out a large fuse for the horn, but it only cut half of the sound off.

It did shut off eventually and I attempted to enter the car, only to have the horn blow again!

The first mechanic called tried to give my battery a boost, but it was fully charged.

He did pull out a smaller fuse to shut the horn off.


He then called a wrecker for a tow home. The young man showed up again and told me his grandfather said there is a sequence to getting the horn alarm to stop.

I told this to the tow truck driver who said he had a “magic touch.” Within minutes he had the horn off and the car started!

The open windows eventually closed halfway home. It was very kind of the young gentleman to try to help an older woman with car problems. Thanks again!

Sandy Young


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