Just recently I returned to the Augusta area after a winter in Florida. It is not the same here! The community has lost a dear friend, Elsie Viles. I miss her charm, wit and inspiration from the many visits over the last decade or two.

Stopping in my boyhood hometown of Hazardville, Conn., on the way home, I visited longtime friend Alice. She is called the Queen of Hazardville for her community service, including writing a book about its history. Elsie was interested in both the future and the present Augusta, as well as its history. She lent her support to projects too numerous to count. I, as past mayor of this city, suggest Elsie Siles be given the posthumous title of Queen of Augusta.

She put her stamp on a wide variety of charitable structures, and this title could be bestowed on her on the 100th anniversary of her birth, in July of 2014. Long live the memory of this thoughtful and generous woman — Elsie Viles. My wife, Charlene, and I miss her.

John C. Bridge


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