CHELSEA — Chelsea Elementary School students were rewarded for reaching reading goals as part of their participation in the Accelerated Reader program by delegating their principal, Andy Doiron, to spending the day on the roof of the school.

More than 700 votes were cast to determine Doiron’s stunt — his other options, all brainstormed by students, were singing at the spring concert, which received 53 votes; and shaving his head, which received 165 votes.

Throughout the day, students were able to monitor Doiron on the roof using Facetime and Skype. His lunch was raised up by pulley system, and at the end of the day, Doiron waved goodbye from his rooftop perch as students boarded the buses home.

Members of the Millionaires Club — students who have read more than 1 million words since the program began — are Joseph Crochere with 5 million words; Morgan Burgess and Muzzamil Iqbal, 4 million words; Michael Nicholas, three million words; Leann Wright, Logan Bean, Cassie DiBenedetti and Patrick Webber, 2 million words; and Briana Nichols, Katelyn Hustus, Jack Begin, Nathan Foye, Ross Young, Stephen Goulette, Sierra Millay, Sarah Curtis, Alyssa Puckett, Michael Dusoe and Crystal White, 1 million words. Every month, top readers from each class were recognized as part of a Student of the Month Assembly.

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