Regional School Unit 18 suffered a huge loss in the form of Donna Doucette’s resignation from the school board. Donna, a tireless advocate for teachers and children, was one of the only members of that school board who dared question the path that RSU 18’s administration is taking toward a new educational vision and mass customized learning. It should concerns us all — both residents of Belgrade, China, Oakland, Rome and Sidney and communities across the state — that Donna has seen no other course than to resign after more than 20 years on the board.

Too often over the last year I’ve heard about the rubber-stamp approach taken on by this board as a whole. It is the board’s job and purpose to look out for the best interest of the children, and it seems the one person who was willing to take a real stand against that stamp was Donna. She wasn’t asking to change the vision; she wasn’t even asking to throw out the new program.

She simply wanted to see steps taken to ensure that this really was the in the best interest of the children and teachers of this district. On more than one occasion she has humbly and emphatically stated, “I’m not a hero.” To stand up against what has gone on in this district in the face of adversity has made her a hero to more than a few. She will be sorely missed.

Laura B. Parker


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