First let me say the priority in Augusta should be to find ways to cut spending and not raising taxes. With that said, I feel that when it comes to highways and bridges, the burden should fall on those using them. That means taxing the fuel.

Those without automobiles should not be taxed for something they get no benefit from. I was told the average driver puts 12,000 miles on an automobile per year. If they get 20 miles per gallon, that would mean they will burn 600 gallons a year. If they pay an additional 10 cents per gallon for roads and bridges, that is only $60 per year. Working five days a week for 52 weeks is 260 days.

The bottom line: for better roads and bridges the 10-cent tax on a gallon would cost them 23 cents per day.

Fix the roads and bridges and do not let anyone take money from this account for any reason.

Guess what? A dime won’t do; get the quarter.

Terry Tiner


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