I would like to express my sincere thanks to the people of Farmingdale for the opportunity to be your deputy town clerk and treasurer during the last 23 years. You have made my job so meaningful and enjoyable. It has been my privilege to serve so many hard-working and wonderful people in the Farmingdale and I have made many friends over the years. Because of circumstances beyond my control, however, I decided to apply for another job and was recently chosen to be the town clerk of Pittston.

As I am sure you may know, our long-serving town clerk, Phyllis Weeks, is retiring after 27 years of service to Farmingdale. Her retirement date will be June 30. I know that I and so many people of the town that she has served so diligently for so many years will greatly miss her. She has been a true friend to me and I know my life and the lives of many others in this town have been enriched by knowing her. Weeks has dedicated herself to assisting the people of this community in so many ways and has shown good faith to everyone.

I know that there were times when she put in many hours of work without compensation during the 1998 ice storm and 1987 flood. Weeks spent countless hours preparing the FEMA paper work so that the town could receive assistance from the federal government for these emergencies.

We have shared many challenges over the years and she has become a big sister to me. I know that you will want to join me in thanking her for her extraordinary service and dedication to Farmingdale and in wishing her the very best as she begins her retirement.

Deborah Barry

Deputy Town Clerk


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