The recent sudden passing of long time Waterville Housing Authority worker Hank Gagnon Jr. brought back memories of losing Winslow’s long time Public Works worker Bruce Waldron in August of 2008.

Both men served their communities for over three decades and gave unselfishly of their time and skills while alive and both were denied years of peaceful retirement as fate would have it.

Some municipal bodies of both communities, such as their councils, have their meetings televised and are often in the news.

Neither Bruce or Hank nor their co-workers were in the spotlight and are generally unrecognized for their efforts.

This is true of most service workers in both communities, rather they work for Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Kennebec Water District, or Waterville Sewer Department among others.

This is a small attempt to publicly recognize our workers who deal daily with the public, often when there is a street, sidewalk, cellar or water problem.


They are in the front lines far more than those of us who attend monthly meetings but are seldom found dealing with a broken waterline.

We all have our parts to play in keeping two of the finest communities in Maine working well, and the people who serve in all departments need to know how much we appreciate and respect them for a job well done!

Others will continue to serve the departments that Hank and Bruce worked in, but we can never truly replace them as they were special people to all who knew them.

Jerry Saint Amand


Winslow Town Council

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