There appears to be much confusion by the voting public recently as to the meaning and interpretation of some words that have been bandied about in state government. Perhaps this will clear up any misunderstanding. Most of these words have been discussed at length in civics class by all junior-high school students, but it seems to bear repeating. Example, “discretion.” Webster’s Third College edition states, “The freedom to make decisions or use power to judge or act.” Another word worth mentioning is governor, defined as a person who governs. The elected head of any state of the U.S. If this method of governing continues, we will follow the lemmings right over the cliff and into the sea. And, how about the word emperor, as “The supreme ruler of an empire,” e.g. Holy Roman Empire? Too one-sided, if you know what I mean. Ermine robes and slippers are no longer in style.

Lastly, bully, “a person who hurts, frightens or tyrannizes.” Also, a person who does not play by the rules and shouts down suggestions when he can’t get his way. I hope changes for the good happen.

Peg Beedy


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